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Apr. 11 Fine French Violin Bow by F.N. VOIRIN, Bernard Millant Certificate

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Fine French Violin Bow by F.N. Voirin, for sale by Poesis

Francois Nicolas VOIRIN (1833-1885)

This bow is an early Voirin made on Peccatte model. c.1855-1860. Notice the broad head with an elegant touch. Based on this design, many bows from Vuillaume workshop from this period can sometimes weight from 62-64 grams. Dominique Peccatte's design ("hatchet-shaped head) was the prominent model at Vuillaume shop at that time. Nicolas Maline, Pierre Simon, and Francois Nicolas Voirin all adopted Peccatte's model early in their careers.

Poesis is pround to present this rare FN Voirin violin bow made for J.B. Vuillaume. It is sold with a certificate by Bernard Millant, world's authority on French bows.