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Featured: An Important Italian Violin by Ferdinando Garimberti

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Ferdinando Garimberti is among the greatest 20th century violin makers. Poesis is proud to offer a rare, important violin by this master, in pure and perfect condition. It is included in the Ferdinando Garimberti Book by Giorgio Grisales. Certificate by Eric Blot.

This instrument has a striking one-piece back and sounds like a Stradivari. It will be a perfect instrument for a soloist, collector, or investor. We welcome your inquiries.


An Important Italian Violin by Ferdinando Garimberti

Model: Antonio Stradivarius

Origin: Milan, Italy

Condition: Perfect

Certificate: Eric Blot

Provenance: Ferdinando Garimberti by Giorgio Grisales. P.130

Status: Available

Price: Contact us

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